I enjoy a cold beer or a sip of Crown after a long day of hunting as much as anyone, and I can assure you I’m not some old fuddy-duddy. But I do have a big problem with hunters who drink long and hard into the night in deer camp. I know you’re on your fall vacation and cutting loose and all that, but man you’ve got be cool about it.

There are happy drunks, and then there are loud and obnoxious ones that can turn a good time into a nightmare around the fire pit. Overserved strangers can fuss and argue, and even good buddies can get into a pissing match or worse.

One time in a camp I watched a soused little guy cold cock a 230-pound muscle man that had moved in on a spot where the skinny fellow was trying to kill a big buck, and was bragging about it. It was not a pretty sight, and it ruined a good time for all of us in camp for the rest of the week.

Besides, you can’t hunt well or safely if you’re hung over. That goes for either gun or bow. You damn sure shouldn’t be handling a gun or climbing a tree after a night of hard partying.

My personal limit is two drinks a night after a hunt, and only after the guns have been unloaded and securely put away. If you lose control and drink much more than that, sleep in and stay out of the woods until you have sobered up 100 percent. Of course if you shoot your buck and don’t plan on hunting the next day, party all you want!