The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office got a 911 call from a bowhunter stuck upside down and 18 feet up in a climbing tree stand.

“He was high off the ground, with his right foot wedged in the framework of his climbing stand,” said responding deputy Deputy LeBlanc.

First responders were able to maneuver a truck below the hanging hunter, climb up, unlock his foot and rescue the unnamed man, who miraculously did not need treatment.

“My advice to hunters is that this is a prime example of the need to use a safety harness,” said the deputy. “He’s lucky his phone didn’t (fall and) hit the ground. He’d been hanging long enough that his fluids and blood were rushing to his head. He’d been hanging an hour and a half.”

Fox 4 Beaumont spoke with the hunter Tuesday morning and he echoed similar advice.

“Use a harness… It was in my truck. I’ve done this all my life… I just got complacent.”