Over the next few months, we’ll be outside hiking, fishing, scouting deer, setting trail cameras and otherwise having loads of fun in the outdoors. We sure don’t want a nasty tick ruining the party, and possibly infecting us or loved ones with Lyme or another disease, so read on.

According to Dr. Thomas Mather, Tick Expert at the University of Rhode Island, the biggest mistake you can make is not wearing tick-repellent clothing. “Ticks are out there, and they’re likely to get on you if you go into their habitat. (Wearing) permethrin-treated clothing, especially socks and shoes sprayed with permethrin, is the easiest way you can help repel ticks and potentially keep them from biting you. It’s essential to take all preventive measures. Wearing tick-repellent clothing should be a part of everyone’s prevention strategy.”

Equip-4-Ticks Resource Center, a collaboration between tick expert, Dr. Thomas Mather, PhD and Insect Shield Repellent Technology, was launched to offer tips, informational content, and a comprehensive video library to help the public stay protected from ticks and the dangerous diseases they may carry.