You always carry your cell with you every minute you are hunting, right?

Do it, it could save your life.

Let’s say you’re hunting in new mountains or woods and get turned around or full-blown lost…. Suppose you’re climbing a rock ridge, slip and fall, and break your ankle…. You get chest pains… Or heaven forbid you fall out of a tree stand or off the ladder and are seriously injured and about to lose to consciousness.

In an emergency, there are 2 ways your cell can get you help in a hurry.

SOS Message

Swipe the SOS slider on your iPhone and it will automatically call the closest local emergency number and share your location with emergency services. After the initial SOS emergency call has ended, your iPhone will alert your emergency contacts with text messages. Your iPhone will send your current location, and your emergency contacts will receive updates when and if your location changes. Your contacts and emergency personnel can monitor your movements until help arrives. Samsung and other cell phone models have a similar SOS system.


In an emergency, you can also change the voicemail on your cell to a voice message that says, “this is (your name) and I need help!” Then state the time, your location, your situation (lost, injured, etc.). Best thing about an emergency voicemail message is that you can leave specific details.

Another great thing: You might be lost or lay injured a long time and your phone battery dies. Maybe there’s no signal in the area. Anyone who calls you will be sent straight to voicemail and hear your dire situation and plea for help.

Fully charge your cell phone and keep it with you at all times while hunting!