After last season, did you some tree stands out in the woods? If so, keep these things in mind before you climb up this bow season.

Paramount is to thoroughly inspect the straps, chains or cables that connect stand platforms and steps to trees . These connectors will weather and wear, and routine inspection and service is a must. With climbing/safety harness fully engaged, check all straps on ladder sections or stick steps as you ascend the tree. Retighten or replace straps as needed.

When you top out at the platform, attach a Lifeline and leave this safety device attached all season. Inspect stand and connecters thoroughly. Replace worn straps or cables if noticeably worn. Check and tighten any loose bolts. Check fabric or seat and make sure it squirrels haven’t chewed it (replace or mend if necessary). If you loosened the stand but left it 20 feet up a tree at the end of last season, remember to re-tighten and lock everything down.

If anything about steps or a stand doesn’t look or feel right, do not hunt from that setup! Pull the set and re-hang it fresh.

Disclaimer: None of the information in this blog will guarantee your safety. When you make the personal decision to leave a tree stand in the woods for months or years at a time, you risk equipment failure that could result in bodily injury or death. Always wear a safety harness/climbing apparatus and use a Lifeline when hanging and hunting from any tree stand.