The National Deer Association posted this on Instagram:

Notice how the red line and the black line seem to avoid each other on this chart (left) from a Connecticut @ctfishandwildlife study? When acorns (black) are abundant, deer hunting success (red) plunges, and vice versa. This same pattern has been documented in many other states consistently. In years with fewer acorns, deer have to move more to find this important fall food, so it’s easier to pattern and see them.

Any year the woods are flooded with acorns where you hunt, you’ll have to work a little harder to be successful. Don’t just settle for trees with acorns under them. Look for those with the heaviest deer sign as well: tracks, trails, droppings, rubs and scrapes.

Check out this link for a new article by @c_gander_18 all about acorn hunting strategy.


Photo and chart @National Deer Association