From the Bemidji Pioneer:  Ninety-four-year-old Rosemary Pulczinski of Bemidji traded her walker in for a rifle this deer hunting season.

Hunting with her Grandson one day, a spike stepped out 100 yards away, and Rosemary dropped it with a perfect shot.

“Wow, I got my deer,” she said. “I shot once and I was ready to shoot again, but it stayed down. It was so great.”

Pulczinski’s late husband, Cy, was the one who taught her how to hunt over 20 years ago. She said at first, she would only go out to the stand with him to keep him company when all of their children grew up and moved away but ended up finding passion in the sport, too.

“My husband’s been gone 19 years now, but I’ve been hunting long before that because when the kids left home he needed a hunting partner,” she said. “He would have been so excited (about my deer). He was always so proud when we would get one…”

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