A man hunting in the U. P. one day last season made a miraculous recovery after a tree fell on him, likely due to high winds in the area.

Two officers with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources received a call and were dispatched to the scene. The helped get the hunter out of the woods and to a local emergency room, where he was reportedly in critical condition. According to reports, doctors told the family the man may not walk again after he underwent surgery on his head and vertebrae.

But according to an update in January, the hunter regained movement in his limbs and has stood up for the first time since the accident. Doctors at the hospital described the man’s recovery as “miraculous.”

This was an unfortunate freak accident, but we can all learn from it: When it’s windy, be super careful in the woods. If it’s too windy, don’t hunt, and certainly don’t hunt from a tree stand!