80 Tree Stand Hunts For a Giant Ohio Buck

ohio chris 1Ohio bowhunter Chris Cook sent this to me on Instagram:

 2 years, 80 trees stand sits, over 350 hours, more emotions, hard work and preparation than I can begin to explain. “Sideshow” finally made the mistake that I had been eagerly waiting on for so long. I can’t explain this feeling, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve watched this deer over the past 3 years, finally decided last year he was a shooter and hunted him hard for 2 years!

Way to go Chris, great job!

3 thoughts on “80 Tree Stand Hunts For a Giant Ohio Buck

  1. Great job Chris! Congratulations man!! I killed a buck that is much smaller than that this season and had such a fantastic feeling post-kill. I hadn’t killed one since 2013 (and had my accident in 2015). I missed two big 8-pointers during the ’16-’17 season (one was a chip shot with a shotgun…but, found out too late that scope was fried…my own stupid mistake; the other was a long blackpowder shot that I missed low). Last year I never even saw a “shooter” until the late bow season…with two days to hunt and couldn’t get any closer. So, this year’s buck was perhaps the most “meaningful” one I’ve ever killed. I went from not being able to hunt at all in ,15-’16; to missing two good ones in ’16-’17; to not getting so much as a glimpse of a shooter in ’17-’18; to having grazed on with bow on 10/30/18 (and then trying to kill that same buck from that evening up to 11/25/18…when I had him “dead to rights” with rifle (until one of his lady friends caught me move a bit and blew the warning siren). I was down, but not out. I almost didn’t hunt on Mon. 11/26/18, because I was getting wore out (physically, emotionally…); BUT when I got out of school on that Monday afternoon there was a fresh skiff of snow on the ground and flurries coming down. I went back out to the same blind…and…wouldn’t you know it…a new, mystery buck showed up, and I took him. It was such an amazing feeling. So, I know how you feel, but for a slightly different reason. Again, congrats to you sir! What a beauty of a buck you have there.

    For the record….ALL deer taken are meaningful. And, if theyr’e not…well, they should be.

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