Ohio: Hunter Shoots Big Bucks Locked Together!

stuck deer 1

Lee Fackler shot a 17-point buck on 11-11-18 in Putnam County, Ohio. It had a recently expired 10-point entangled with it. The Ohio DNR wrote Lee a permit for him to keep the expired buck also. He is having them mounted together.

Incredible, obviously once in a lifetime. Can’t wait to see that mount, thanks for sharing!

stuck deer 2

stuck deer 3

4 thoughts on “Ohio: Hunter Shoots Big Bucks Locked Together!

  1. Man, that’s cool and sad at the same time. I’ve seen that a few times in my life. My brother just found a pair that were locked up and both dead this season. Nice pair as well, both with great potential in a year or two (ugh). It’s neat that the hunter in this story was allowed to keep the other buck. That’s going to look great and a great tribute to a couple of woodly warriors. Congratulations.

  2. Wow, can’t say I have seen that before. Pretty awesome they gave him a permit for the second buck. The 17 point is a monster.

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