24 04, 2013

Alberta Wolf!

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In the TV business this is what we call a "screen grab," an image pulled from a video clip. I was reviewing the footage that we shot in Alberta last fall and got to thinking: Man, I am lucky to have hunted in all the places and seen all the things I have over the years...I never take that for granted. I was stalking some deer when that big wolf came lumbering up the tree line. Actually, there were 2 wolves, but we only got the one on film. What an experience, just seeing that ultimate symbol of the wild! It moves you inside, makes you tingle. Some people have asked why I didn't take a shot at it. Well, I didn't have [...]

22 04, 2013

Boone & Crockett Measuring Guide

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The Boone and Crockett Club’s Field Guide to Measuring and Judging Big Game is a solid reference book, one I refer to a lot. It has good tips and advice for: 1) how to field-judge a buck better than you ever have on the hoof; and 2) how to rough score that rack reliably once you've shot a deer dead and have him back at the house.   There's info not only for whitetails and mule deer, but also for antelope, caribou, elk, bears…any big game animal you hunt. There’s even a chapter on judging and scoring a walrus skull if you ever do that :) At $25, a bargain for your bookshelf.

19 04, 2013

Photo: Does Flying Around

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Mark saw this somewhere on the Internet and sent it to me: Mike, I don't know what kind of trail cam that is, but I want one! Look at the clarity of that picture! What do you think? Well, I don't know of any cam with a shutter speed that fast, so don't really know what's up with that pic. Cool-looking though.

17 04, 2013

Maryland Monster Bow Buck, 194 5/8!

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  In September of 2010, Maryland bowhunter Luke Muldoon shot a double drop-tine monster that we had on the blog. Last November Luke killed this giant, which is another incredible achievement but, as I see it, the second best part of the story. Here’s the best part. Luke followed this buck around for 5 years, documenting the deer’s growth and maturity with a hand camera and trail cams as he scouted and hunted. Fascinating! A tremendous effort and great hunting, way to go man.    The buck first came around in late November of 2008. He was easy to differentiate from other deer because of the white circles around his eyes. That first year I saw him, I thought he [...]