27 05, 2021

Ammo Update: Demand To Remain High Into 2021 Hunting Season

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Southwick Associates, a market research firm specializing in the hunting and shooting business, recently surveyed more than 1,800 ammunition consumers as part of its quarterly Hunter/Shooter Survey. They found that in 2020, four out of five consumers encountered out of stock issues while trying to purchase ammunition. Three-quarters of those hunters/shooters have encountered out of stock ammo situations so far in 2021. Of the respondents, 79% reported either fully or partially reducing their target shooting and hunting outings as a result of depleted ammunition shelves. Going forward into 2021, ammunition demand is expected to remain high. Nearly two-thirds of respondents report their current ammo inventory was lower than they would prefer. When asked how much more ammunition they would like to [...]

24 05, 2021

How To Hunt A Whitetail Buck On 40 Acres

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Mike: I hunt on 80 private acres, 40 of which are on the west side of a road and the other 40 on the east side. When I sit in a stand on the west side all I see are does, no matter the time, food source or wind direction. When I hunt any of my stands on the east side all I see are small bucks. Not just one or two, but like 5 or 6, with the biggest one maybe a 6-pointer. There is sign of bigger bucks in the area, and locals have seen some big deer on both sides of the road. So where should I hunt? Wait it out on the east where all the small [...]

21 05, 2021

How Important Are Acorns For Deer?

2021-05-21T13:55:13-04:00May 21st, 2021|Big Deer TV, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting, sportsman channel, whitetail deer|0 Comments

Pennsylvania biologist Jeannine Fleegle notes that while the list of foods for whitetails is long and varied and includes crops, browse, forbs, grasses, fungi and mast, “It is no secret that acorns are a favorite on the list. If they are available, acorns dominate their diet in fall and winter.” Fleegle points to experiments that show when acorns are available, whitetails eat about 1.5 pounds of nuts daily per hundred pounds of body weight. “Deer can sustain a maximum of 30% weight loss during (the rut and into) winter,” she says. “More than that and they die of malnutrition.” It’s easy to see why acorns are so important not only to the deer, but to your hunt strategy. This summer, walk [...]

19 05, 2021

History of the .30-30 For Deer Hunting

2021-05-16T15:32:35-04:00May 19th, 2021|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Guns & Loads, Deer Hunting, Remington, whitetail deer|0 Comments

Introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms in 1895 as the main chambering for their Model 1894 rifle, the .30-30 was the first sporting cartridge loaded with smokeless powder. The original .30-30 Winchester load featured a 160-grain bullet driven at almost 2,000 feet per second, a huge step up in performance as compared to the black powder cartridges of the day. It didn’t take long for hunters across America to fall in love with this revolutionary rifle/cartridge combo, which shot flat and hit and dropped game hard. The .30-30 quickly became the go-to for deer and bear at short to moderate range. In the 20th Century, Marlin Firearms began chambering lever-action rifles in .30-30, and in 1948 the gunmaker introduced the venerable [...]

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