3 08, 2023

How Many Bucks are in a Bachelor Group?

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These soft, summer evenings in July and August are when I officially start my scouting for the upcoming deer season. A couple hours before dark, I drive to one of my hunt areas and park where I can see a good piece into a field of low-growing alfalfa, soybeans or clover, or a recently hayed pasture.  In a more heavily wooded habitat, I find a spot with a decent long view of a clear-cut, power line or similar opening in the timber. Once I’ve obtained a vantage, I break out my 10X binocular and a spotting scope on a tripod, and look for velvet-racked bucks that gather to feed and posture out in the open at dusk. These bachelor clubs, [...]

30 07, 2023

Common Deer Hunting Violations and How to Avoid Them

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You hunt hard and you play by the rules. As well-intentioned as are, it is easy to get lackadaisical, slip up and inadvertently break a hunting law. Here common violations and how to avoid a game warden’s ticket. Read the Regulations Season dates and bag limits change, the use of bait may be restricted, ever-evolving CWD rules are implemented… Whether you’ve hunted your state for 2 years or 20, it is your responsibility to read the regs from cover to cover and keep up to date with any and all rule changes before each season. If hunters would just do it, 95% of inadvertent violations could be avoided. Carry the Right License Sounds obvious, but license and tag requirements can [...]

23 07, 2023

5 Best Bow Stands for Deer

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You won't go wrong by trying these 5 archery setups this fall. #1 Elevated Ridge Stand An elevated ridge that is situated 100 yards or so up from a field of corn, soybeans or alfalfa is one of my favorite spots for the pre-rut. Like most early-season setups, it is killer for the afternoons. But if access is good and the wind allows it, you might be able to sneak in and hunt the stand one morning too. If you have a flat of oak trees on your property that runs up a ridge from an ag field, jackpot. Does will come from back in the cover and move through in the afternoon on their way to the field. Some [...]

21 07, 2023

14 Deer Hunting Questions Answered

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I’ll be bowhunting for a big buck in Alabama this season? Weather-wise, which days should be best? Try to plan your hunts around cool, clear days with a north wind. “Down here, big bucks move the best on cool, bluebird days,” says Jimmy Riley, a deer habitat expert and long-time guide in Mississippi. “We have lots of days when it’s warm and the wind blows out of the south. Deer don’t move as well then. But if you can catch a couple of crisp, clear days, you should spot some awesome buck movement.” What are pheromones? Pheromones are chemical substances in the urine and glandular secretions of deer. They serve as stimuli to other deer for behavioral responses. Many biologists [...]

20 07, 2023

How Deer Cope with Hot Weather

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The string of 100-plus days with blazing sun In Texas got me to thinking of how whitetails (does with growing fawns and bucks with rapidly growing velvet racks) survive and thrive in oppressive summer heat, so I went to Grant Woods, one of America’s top biologists, for some answers: “Temperatures above normal during summer certainly cause deer stress,” said Grant. How much stress is dependent on the quality of the habitat in an area. For example, deer consume more water than any other mineral (yes, water is a mineral, a naturally occurring substance) and the quantity of water necessary increases during periods of above normal temperatures. If water is limited by quantity or quality, many bodily functions are limited, such [...]

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