6 02, 2023

150-Inch Bullwinkle Buck Shot W/Bow in Pennsylvania

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Troy Dietterich sent this photo and email: I may have shot a Bullwinkle nose deer. I have it butchered and in my freezer, and plan to eat it as it is mixed in with my other deer meat.  I did not contact any state departments about this and just stumbled upon this issue as a friend sent me the article. Southeastern PA, WMU 5C Killed Oct 29 2022 A.M. This deer was the biggest one around. This area rarely produces deer larger than 120''. This buck scored 153 6/8'' gross and weighed 246# live weight and 192# dressed. Just a massive animal for these parts. I butchered the deer myself and the meat and bones/joints all looked healthy. I did [...]

1 02, 2023

9 Best States For Big Whitetail Bucks

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I’ve been researching and writing/blogging about whitetail deer for more than 30 years and one thing has remained amazingly constant. If you want to kill a big buck, a really big buck and maybe even a Booner, hunt in one of these 9 states. Wisconsin Illinois Iowa Minnesota Kentucky Ohio Kansas Indiana Check a 2000 version of the Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett record book, and you’ll find those states at or near the top for buck entries. Look into the future and read a 2030 version of a record book and the data will remain similar. The top states have agriculture, edge and cover; rich soils; and well-established buck genetics. Most have a one buck per year [...]

30 01, 2023

Are Climbing Tree Stands Still Popular?

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The fat 4-pointer glided in below my perch, young muscles rippling in the morning sun. I pulled the Bear and the aluminum arrow sliced the air. Thwack, the buck mule-kicked and bolted. When I heard him crash, I shinnied down the tree, stepped out of the boot straps and over the bottom of the metal platform and went and got my deer. A fine November day in the early 1980s, back when life and hunting were slower and simpler. That fork-horn was the third deer I’d killed that season with my old wheel bow from the same climbing stand fixed to the same hickory tree. A decade earlier a man called Baker had introduced the first climber to the market. [...]

28 01, 2023

Beginner’s Guide To Coyote Hunting

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When deer season closes here in Virginia, my friend Rick is not ready to hang up his camouflage just yet. “Hunting coyotes in the winter extends my time in woods,” he says. “I’m not the greatest caller, but coyotes are mating now, and some days they run to my calls. If I call in 3 or 4 dogs this month and shoot a couple, I’ll be happy.” Here’s a quick primer if you've never done it and want to try it. Do You Need a License? Many states consider Canis latrans a nuisance species, and no hunting license is required. In other places, you’ll need a general state hunting license for varmints. Read your regs and be legal. Where to [...]

25 01, 2023

How To Clean A Hunting Rifle

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Deer season is over, and now is the perfect time to give your rifle a thorough annual cleaning. Gun-Cleaning Gear To do the job right, you need to secure your rifle horizontally in a vise. A vise attached to a workbench at your house will work fine. Or you can purchase a portable gun vise from company that specializes in firearms-cleaning accessories Spend $40 or more for a universal gun-cleaning kit, which will include a three-piece bore rod and an assortment of jags, brushes, patches and other accessories for cleaning not only your bolt-action, but also other handguns and long guns that you own. Also, and this is important, purchase a bore guide, which will protect the bore and action [...]

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