12 08, 2013

Giant Typical 10-Pointer is Back!

2020-06-10T09:23:22-04:00August 12th, 2013|BigDeer, Deer Management|15 Comments

Back in early July Danny sent this picture of a big 10-pointer that showed up on his hunting property. “Hopefully he hangs around for a few more months," Danny wrote. I said it will be to fun to track this buck and see if Danny gets a crack at him. Update from Danny: Mike, here is what the 10-point has turned into.  WOW! I snapped this photo with my phone from my picture viewer. Unfortunately all the pics I got of him last week were between 12:00 am and 5:15 am. I’m hoping he goes back to evening activity by the time our September bow opener comes around. This picture is 20 yards from one of my stands! Beautiful buck, the symmetry [...]

7 08, 2013

Top 10 Tactics on BIG DEER TV!

2020-06-10T09:23:22-04:00August 7th, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Hunting, Deer Management|3 Comments

Tonight on the show (8 and 11 PM Eastern on Sportsman Channel) I lay out my Top 10 whitetail tactics, one or a few of which I hope will help you shoot a giant this fall. Here’s an example from the script: # 3 Hunt Terrain, Not Sign (with graphic): “Many hunters find hot rubs and scrapes and rush out to hang a tree stand right beside it. Sometimes that works out, but there’s a better way to do it. Hot sign is obviously important because it tells you bucks are in the area and active. Then scout out from those rubs/scrapes/trails for 50 yards, 100, even 200 yards. Find those draws, creek crossings, points of ridges...that bucks have traveled for years, [...]

6 08, 2013

Deer Blood Trails: Did You Know?

2020-06-10T09:23:22-04:00August 6th, 2013|BigDeer, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting, Deer Management, Deer Science|2 Comments

Did you know that if you shoot a buck in a few weeks, he might not leave a heavy blood trail? Scientists say that in early fall deer have high levels of Vitamin K, which causes blood to clot quickly. Also, whitetails produce lots of B-endorphin that helps to heal wounds. So two things: Pick your shots carefully (you never want a one-lung hit and especially in the early season). And I recommend a big-cutting broadhead like the Rage; even if you hit a buck a little off, he’ll bleed and you’ll likely find him. Bottom line: If you put any broadhead/arrow in the right spot, through both lungs, a buck won’t go much farther than 60-70 yards, even if [...]

5 08, 2013

Giant Bucks on Trail Camera!

2020-06-10T09:23:22-04:00August 5th, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Management|4 Comments

Ok, the big deer are starting to show up. The guys at Huntography posted this monster the other day.  Word is the rack might go 200”; I don’t know about that, but it is the biggest buck we have seen so far this summer. I would have been hunting the giant above, but I didn’t draw a tag for that area/state. Heartbreaker! I count at least 14 points! This big 8 is living on a farm where I will be hunting in November. I’m hoping for a 10-point, but if this tall-tined 8 comes by I’ll probably take him.

2 08, 2013

Funky Buck on Trail Cam!

2020-06-10T09:23:23-04:00August 2nd, 2013|BigDeer, Deer Management, Deer Science|5 Comments

Martie sent this crazy image and asked if I knew what was going on with this buck’s rack. I ran it by QDMA biologist Kip Adams, who said: “Hey Mike, those are the biggest drop tines I’ve ever seen on a spike! I know his right antler split but I couldn’t resist referencing a spike with drop tines! It looks like he injured both his main beams early in the growing season.  I’ve seen numerous bucks with a similar injury to one side of his rack, but never to both sides that occurred so low on the antlers.  Many times the pooling of blood in the downturned antlers causes them to break and fall off but this guy was lucky to [...]

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