This is one of 33 interesting deer-research findings in this QMDA article:

$115,000: The estimated cost to produce a 1-inch increase in average Boone & Crockett score among a localized population of free-ranging bucks by releasing pen-raised deer to improve genetics. Dr. Steve Demarais of Mississippi State University conducted the computer-model study (using existing data on natural dispersal and immigration, breeding success, recruitment, and survival, plus the costs of buying pen-raised deer) in response to recent suggestions by deer breeders that this practice would be beneficial. Most biologists laughed at the idea, but they had little data to stand on. Now they do.

That ridiculous amount of money aside, the idea of releasing tame bucks into the woods is preposterous. What about the potential spread of chronic wasting and other diseases? Plus introducing “tame” genetics into our wild and wonderful whitetails just wouldn’t be right.

I can’t imagine any state ever allowing this, and for good reason. If breeders want to release pen bucks into their high fences that is their prerogative, but into wild populations, no.