chad christie buck

Back when I was working for Versus, now the NBC Sports Network, I posted this picture of Chad Christie’s incredible monster. Two reasons. One, I am absolutely obsessed with drop-tine bucks, and this just might be the most impressive one I have ever seen. I wonder if I could hold it together if I saw that thing coming through the woods at me?Two, I asked Chad to get in touch with me because I’d love to profile his buck here on the blog and on TV.

I never heard from Chad, but some guy named Dave chimed in:

Why would you want to put this guy on TV? I hate gun season because they (gun hunters) only go out opening weekend, sit on a bucket or walk around and get this kind of luck handed to them. But if it makes them and you proud, then great job. 

I encourage people to speak their minds and either agree or disagree with me and the other bloggers. Discussion of hunting is good because it brings out different points of view, and makes us all more thoughtful hunters. But this one hit me wrong–we don’t need elitist and narrow-minded attitudes like Dave’s.

He’s a hard-core bowhunter, fine. But why look down his nose at a fellow gun hunter?

Why would I want to put Chad and his monster drop tine on TV? Well Dave, because that is what I do–celebrate hard-working and hard-hunting guys who go out and shoot dream bucks near their homes each fall. I showcase those hunters and those amazing animals with the awe, dignity and respect they deserve.

The bigger point here is that we deer hunters, some 15 million strong, need to stop the jealousy, bickering, pettiness and downright rudeness that I unfortunately see a lot on the Internet. We need to coexist for the good of the sport.

If you don’t like bowhunting, fine, don’t do it. But don’t diss all bowhunters, it makes you look and sound small and petty.

If you don’t like gun hunters, fine, but don’t berate all gun hunters. What good does that do?

If you don’t like the way one man hunts (food plots, bait, drives, etc.) don’t do it, but if he shoots a giant buck, don’t get jealous and spout off about it. To each his own. It’s none of your business anyway.

Be civil. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, but do it with respect.

Every time this topic of hunter jealously and pettiness comes up, I am reminded of a comment left one time from blogger Vin from NC:

Just hunt your own way, and don’t be concerned about what others do.

Your thoughts?