Trail Cam: VA Bachelor Bucks

va cam bucks tanner

This group of bucks is hanging in a woods somewhere here in Virginia. I know the area, that left buck is going to be a shooter come bow season in October.

Good lesson here: As you watch and study trail-camera images of a buck group in late summer, study the makeup of that group (in this case a 6-point, a small 8-point and the larger 8-point shooter) because it is very likely that those bucks will keep traveling together throughout September into early October.

Then say you’re on stand on the bow opener. If you see one of those little bucks coming through the woods, stand up, grab your bow and get ready. All the bucks and the shooter are probably following, and hopefully the big boy will pass within shooting range.

Video: Best Remington Core-Lokt Deer Shot

rem core lokt

The bullet that has killed more deer than other turned 75 years old in 2014. Serious gun writers with more knowledge of ballistic coefficients and terminal performance than me say that the iconic Remington Core-Lokt produces good accuracy in most center-fire rifles and “typically sheds considerable weight during expansion and penetration, which quickens the death of an animal.”

While I might not have as much ballistics knowledge as those gun writers, I have more field and hunting experience than most of them. I have shot dozens and dozens of whitetails and mule deer (and one blacktail) over the years with 140- to 180-grain Core-Lokts, both the soft-point and pointed-soft-points. The shock and knockdown power of these bullets are impressive. They kill deer hard.

Never is that more evident than in this video (below) we shot up in Saskatchewan. I am proud to say this is the quickest, cleanest and most ethical buck kill in all my years of hunting. I was shooting a Model 700 in .30-06 and using a standard 165-grain Core-Lokt. Keep in mind that this was a big-boned, heavy-muscled, 250-pound Canadian brute.

Is this one of the quickest and cleanest kills you’ve seen? And see the steam shoot out the deer? It was below zero that day.

Trail Camera: Mini-Beast Buck

cam giant 10

Remember this image of “The Beast” from yesterday? I said the gentleman who has the net Booner on his camera has hit the mother lode. Well, I was wrong. Now that guy has hit the rich lode. He posted this last night:

NEW BUCK ALERT (below)… Lol… I think I will call him “Mini-Beast” since he lives on the same farm as “The Beast.”

cliff mini beast cam

Cool. From what I’m seeing early, this is going to be a good rack year, certainly better than 2013 I hope. Send me your trail-camera images to fire us up. You have my word I’ll never divulge your name or the location of the buck you’ll be hunting.


Giant Typical Buck on Trail Cam!

cam giant 10

A gentleman somewhere in the Midwest (where else?) has hit the mother lode, and has this symmetrical 10-point giant on his cam. Look at those brows, and the rack is still growing! Unique shot in the corn like that.

Net Boone for sure, good luck to the hunter.


Giant Velvet Buck Hit By Car!

dead velvet buck

One of our bloggers just sent this. He heard it happened this morning somewhere in PA, but he can’t confirm it. With social media and the way rumors fly, it could be anywhere. “But wherever its location, that is heartbreaking,” he wrote.

It sure is. Anybody seen this before and know more?