Happy 4th!

4 july

Have a good time, be safe and honor all those who serve and have served for our freedoms. When you come back to the blog on Monday, the official countdown to the 2015 deer season begins, time to get ready!

New Season BIG DEER TV Premieres Tonight on Sportsman Channel!

Cali buck 2014.jpg compress

All-new episodes of my TV show start airing tonight, Wednesday July 1, at 10 PM/9C on Sportsman Channel.

Over the next 6 months watch as we travel to some amazing destinations to hunt some amazing deer: the high desert of Oregon…snow-laced Sheridan, Wyoming…a wheat farm in the shadows of towering Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens…the plains of western Kansas…the deep bush of Saskatchewan of course…and more.

cali wine country

First stop tonight, the beautiful wine country of California’s Central Coast. A lot of people don’t realize that there is still much beautiful and remote country left to hunt in Cali, but you have to find the right place and go with the right people. I sure did. Doug Roth, one of the best hunters in the state, and I hunted a 22,000-acre private ranch, and during my visit in September, we were the only ones on it. Zero pressure, and that’s how you kill big deer of any species.

Watch and/or set your DVR for tonight 10 PM Eastern on Sportsman. Thanks as always for your support!


Big-Buck Friday: Bo Dylak’s Monster Illinois Typical, 201 5/8!

IL bo 2014

From Boone and Crockett Trophy Watch: 15 year-old Bo Dylak shot this monster buck in Boone County, Illinois on the first weekend of shotgun season last November (2014). The buck was measured/scored as a 16-point typical with a green score of 201 5/8. The club says Bo’s buck might be a top 5 for Illinois upon final scoring. Estimated live weight was well over 300 pounds. There’s only been one other B&C typical whitetail ever shot in Boone County.

Awesome Bo!