Texas Hunter Finds, Mounts Locked Bucks

texas bucks lockedHi Mike: On November 9th of 2014, while hunting on my lease in East Texas, I stumbled upon these two bucks locked together. They had suffered a horrible fate and had just succumbed to their death.  It appears that the coyotes played a part in their death as well.  It was tragic indeed, but had a bitter sweet ending.

I was fortunate to find them on a very cool morning and just hours after they had passed.  Unbelievably, I was able to have them mounted (after gaining permission from a Texas Game Warden to take possession of them) using their original hides and antlers…..no add ons.

I consider myself very lucky to have found them, and I believe this to be a once in a lifetime situation. They may not be the biggest bucks in the woods, but they are certainly a trophy to me.  Certainly their death was a tragic fate of Mother Nature, but a bitter sweet ending. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Jason Smalley

We have some amazing and big-thinking hunters here on the blog, and I appreciate that. Jason, these bucks are trophies indeed, thanks for sharing. And the mount looks fantastic!

IL: Father-Daughter Dream Hunt

IL ella buckWay to go Mike, big fan of your site.

My daughter Ella (age 8) shot this buck Nov 23, 2014 after 16 hours on stand during Illinois’ first shotgun season.  A fine Sunday morning buck with a youth muzzleloader.  Made all those hours at that Hunter Safety course worthwhile.  We’re both looking forward to another father-daughter hunt this year.  All the best, Bruce

Way to go Ella, good luck this season!

Southern Virginia Bow Buck, 155”

va big buck rolinLove posting good old big-buck stories from my home state of VA:

Mike: Here’s a picture of a 10-point I shot in southern Virginia.

This buck was coming to beans that the farmer had planted on the property where I was hunting. We had a few trail camera pics of him during the summer, but weren’t sure if we’d ever see him in the fall.

I went out on Monday, October 5 and climbed a tree along the bean field. Some does came out early into the beans, and then close to dark the big boy stepped out and started eating. He was about 75 yards and just wouldn’t come any closer. I was like, I have to move to where he came out of the woods, cause if he came out there one time he’s gonna do it again.

The next evening, October 6, I moved to the corner where he came out the night before and climbed a tree. Sure enough right close to dark, he and another buck showed up! The big buck jumped into the field near where I sat, sniffing like he knew something wasn’t quite right…but he never could smell me.

He made a loop in the beans and then started heading back out the way he came. I stopped him at 25 yards and smoked him with my new Elite Energy bow. He only ran about 40 yards, and I saw him fall from my stand. Rough score we came up with was 155, just a real pretty buck. Thanks, Rolin G.

Rolin, great job man, and perfect shot!

Monster Missouri Bow Buck, 244 4/8!


From Minnesota bowhunter Kevin Clouse, who for 3 years traveled down to Missouri to hunt for this awesome buck:

I named this deer the “Beer Can Buck” 3 years ago. When I first saw him, I thought his bases were as thick as a beer can. My hunting partner, Tom Vandehey, also saw him 2 days later and agreed…he’s a monster!

No other sightings of him during our first year hunting with Tombstone Creek Outfitters. The second year, no encounters with the Beer Can Buck, and just a couple trail cam pics at night.

This year, our third year there, the hunting was extremely slow. Just like last year, only a couple pics of him at night. With things slow, I decided to get aggressive and set up close to where I thought the deer were bedding.

My hunch was right, as one evening 2 does and 4 fawns came down the ridge and headed right to me. They all went under my stand and headed for the field behind me. Then a 140ish buck came down the ridge. As slow as the hunting was, if he gave me a shot I was going to take it.

A doe behind me saw me move and blew. The buck stopped at 40 yards and was at full alert. He took a couple steps and his head was behind a tree.  I had a perfect shot at his vitals and took it. The arrow hit a twig and sailed; all the deer spooked and were gone.

Frustrated and thinking my evening was over, I nocked another arrow. I took out a little can and did some bleats. A few minutes later I heard a grunt coming from on top of the ridge. A doe came down the ridge with a big buck following her, grunting all the way.

She was headed right for me like the other does did earlier. But instead of jumping the gully like the others did, she jumped in it. The buck stopped on the side of the ridge straight across from me, straight on at 45 yards, watching her. A couple minutes later another doe started down the ridge and stopped when she saw the buck. He turned his head to look at the doe and that’s when I knew it was the Beer Can Buck! He continued to watch the doe in the gully, then slowly turned to go up after the other doe.

I drew my bow and shot at the quartering-away buck at 45 yards. I could not believe what just happened! I wasn’t 100% sure of the shot, because I had used my last Lumenok on my previous shot. I was shaking pretty badly as I climbed down and went over to where he had stood; I saw blood and immediately backed out.

After a sleepless night we tracked him the next morning and to my disbelief there he was, the Beer Can Buck! He went 150 yards. I just could not wrap my head around this buck! It would not sink in that I got him, and it might never. – Kevin Clouse

mo kevin buck 2



Oklahoma Rancher Kills 200” Mule Deer

okla justinFrom Tulsa World:

The final evening of muzzleloader season in Oklahoma wrapped up with what likely will be one of the largest mule deer ever killed in the state — and the first killed on a ranch that is well over 100 years old.

Justin Lotspeich killed the buck Sunday night on the family ranch, which has been in operation roughly 60 miles northwest of Woodward near the Kansas border since 1903.

“I felt some buck fever, I’m not going to lie, it does set in a little bit when you get that close and put your eyes on ‘em.”

Justin says the giant was green-scored at about 200 inches, and he estimates the animal was 6½ years old. The fact that he shot this dream buck on his home ranch makes it all the sweeter. Way to go man!

Photo courtesy Justin Lotspeich via Tulsa World