11 07, 2022

July Full Buck Supermoon

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July’s full Buck Moon will rise on Wednesday, July 13, and reach peak illumination at 2:38 P.M. Eastern Time. Look towards the southeast after sunset to watch it rise into the sky. This will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022. The Algonquin Indian tribes of the northeastern United States were the first to call the full moon each July the Buck Moon because the velvet antlers of bucks are in full-growth mode. BTW, in July, antlers of yearling bucks grow as much as ¾-inch a week, antlers for older bucks can grow 1 1/2 inches per week. Click here for more on summer whitetail antlers.          

7 07, 2022

AR-15 Rifles Legal For Hunting Deer In Some Iowa Counties

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Iowa hunters can use semi-automatic weapons, including AR-15 rifles in .223, to kill does in more parts of the state during a newly created antlerless season in January, under a bill signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds. Use of semi-auto rifles could expand to as many as 15 counties in an effort to control growing deer herds. Advocates of the late rifle season say this will help reduce car collisions, and help farmers who complain that deer are damaging crops. It will be interesting to see what Iowa hunters think about this.        

5 07, 2022

Hunt Secret Funnels For Big Bucks

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Small and inconspicuous ditches, swales, bottlenecks and other wrinkles in the terrain not visible on maps and they are easy to miss, but are great places to kill a whopper buck with your bow. The only way to find these secret funnels is to vary your walks each day as you scout and go in and out from tree stands. Vary your walks and be on constant lookout for a low spot in a fence; a tight creek crossing muddied with deer tracks; a thin strip of slightly elevated dry ground between 2 sloughs; two ditches 2-foot deep that come together into a drainage…. There are literally hundreds of small terrains in the woods that define and confine the movements [...]

5 07, 2022

Advance Scouting Plan For 2022 Deer Season

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If you want to kill a big, gnarly whitetail in a couple of months, and who doesn't, do the legwork now. It’s not hard. Put in a little time and effort this summer, and your odds of success shoot way up. Find The Deer Food Take a day and drive out to your best hunting spot. Spray down with chigger/tick repellent and hike around the green woods, get a little exercise and zero in corn, soybean or alfalfa fields a farmer planted in the spring. Or didn’t plant, you need to know the location of fallow fields and work them into your plan. If you hunt 80 to 200 acres or so of all timber, roam around and check the [...]

1 07, 2022

Why You Should Not Mow Deer Food Plots

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Put away that tractor and mower! In a recent study, Craig Harper, extension wildlife specialist at the University of Tennessee, found that regular mowing does not improve perennial food plots, and does not increase crude protein of the forage. In fact, the study showed that mowing white or red clover and alfalfa plots reduced forage production by 25 percent. Deer consumed 608 lbs./acre more forage in un-mowed study plots. Kip Adams of the National Deer Association agrees. “Contrary to what you might have heard, there is little to be gained by mowing clover,” he says. “In fact, you lose forage for deer and other wildlife.” Kip understands that many hunters like to mow their plots at least once, and for [...]

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