Ohio: Monster 252” Buck Found Dead

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Drew sent this picture of a tremendous buck he had been hunting for the past 3 years. “A truly remarkable animal that we called Moose,” Drew wrote. “Unfortunately, Moose died due to (another) bowhunter’s mistake (not mine) and we recovered his body and antlers this spring. My story is too long to put into an email tonight, but if you would like more I would be grateful and happy to share it with you.”

Drew will be sending the full and exclusive story soon. He also sent a trail-cam video of Moose on the hoof, and it is amazing footage. I’ll wait and post that with the story.

Drew says the rack was scored at 252 1/8″ and that was after squirrels had chewed off 20 inches during the winter. Scorers think it might be the 6th overall biggest buck that would have been harvested by any means in Ohio.

Stay tuned for more.


7 thoughts on “Ohio: Monster 252” Buck Found Dead

  1. Wowsers, that is one impressive buck. Too bad those squirrels, mice, etc. got to it before the hunter did. At any rate, it is still a very significant specimen. Congrats on finding it.

    • Also, wanted to add that it looks as though it was submerged (at least partially) under water for the majority of the winter? I noticed the one eyeball seems to be intact still. Again, Congrats!

  2. That is one behemoth of a buck! Did the bow hunter shoot him and loose his blood trail? Can’t wait to read the full story.

  3. With the type of wild buck skulls and sheds being shared by fellow hunters on the Big Deer Blog, makes you wonder why anyone needs a captive deer industry, doesn’t it.

  4. This kind of story and pic, is exactly why I love your website Mike.
    It’s a bummer the buck wasn’t recovered when shot. I know it happens. I’m looking forward to the whole story.
    Thanks to Drew for sharing.

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