Massive Sheds & Double-Drop Deadhead!

This time of year it is always fun to open my social media on Monday morning and see what bone was found over the weekend:

sask shed 1

sask shed 2

Big Game Illustrated posted these monster sheds that Quinten found in northern Saskatchewan. Like many racks there, the bulk of last summer’s growth went into that  incredible mass on a 7×7 frame. The number of deer overall, and the number of giant bucks roaming the bush, are down the last 5 years, but see why I love hunting up there so? The potential of a world-class buck like this showing up is why I keep going back during the tough years.

ohio double drop deadhead

Thanks to Shedheads for tagging me with this one: This photo is fuzzy but the double-drop deadhead that was found in Ohio and supposedly scores 190 is at once sad and amazing.


2 thoughts on “Massive Sheds & Double-Drop Deadhead!

  1. Anyone besides me love to have that (the Saskatchewan photo) as a back yard? You could shoot your buck from the comfort of your swing set.

  2. I just dream of cholate colored antlers like that, I have to make up for it with numbers of antlers.
    Congrates to Quinten on a great antler, hope he can match it up.

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