SD kelly 1

We’ve been tracking our friend Kelly’s shed hunting for weeks, here’s his latest field report:

Mike: Missed one weekend because of a bought with vertigo, but made up for it this past weekend. Only walked on Saturday as to not overdo it and had my personal best day–picked 41 antlers!

Three matched sets, and one goofy antler, my favorite. I did match 5 other sets when I got home against antlers I had found earlier this year.

SD kelly 2

The one antler on the hood of the truck scores in the mid 70s, very heavy, we searched the area for 2 hours trying to match it, with no luck.

Loved your last post of the massive Canadian antler. My dream is to go hunt some bone up there. I do a bear hunt almost every year in northern Alberta and have the invite to do it, just have to schedule the time for it.

Also in that post, the 4X4 with 2 drops. (Pic posted below again.) Oh my, cannot get any better than that, but a sad way to find it.–Kelly

ohio double drop deadhead