Why Is Donald Trump on BIG DEER?


As Donald Trump is fixing to win big in more voting tomorrow en route to amassing 1,237 delegates and capturing the GOP nomination, I take you back to a post I wrote in 2011, in which The Donald was saying the same things: China is ripping us off… Make America great again…

Actually that post 5 years ago was more about Donald Trump Jr., who is one of us and enjoys hunting.

More to the point now, since Trump Sr. is on the verge of the Republican nomination, are his views foremost on guns and gun ownership, and to a lesser degree on public lands and hunting. While the latter two are obviously important issues for us, this will be the most important election ever regarding the Second Amendment; hard to believe, but Hillary is farther left than Obama on our right to own and carry firearms.

So what are Donald Trump’s views on guns? According to a recent interview in Petersen’s Hunting magazine:

On Second Amendment issues he was spot on… Gun-free zones create easy targets for criminals. If citizens were armed, there would be fewer casualties in mass shootings, and under his watch there would be no new federal gun laws.

As for protecting federal lands for hunting and fishing, a huge issue with sportsman especially in the West:

Donald Trump didn’t waffle, stating that a USFWS Director appointed by him would “ideally be a hunter” and under his watch there would be no sale of public Western lands.

So what do you think of Mr. Trump? Will you vote for him over Hillary?

12 thoughts on “Why Is Donald Trump on BIG DEER?

  1. I believe this statement will sum up my thoughts on this year’s Pres. Election.

    I can’t stand Hillary Clinton.

  2. If/when it comes down to Trump/Clinton ticket I will not be voting for Trump, but against Hitlery. Trump is a liberal in disguise folks. Look past his views over the last year or so, and see who he has contributed to since the 90′s.

    • Agreed Daniel! Trump is the lesser of two evils when it comes to him and Hillary, but before anyone has to decide between the two he’ll have to win the nomination which I do not think will happen. I think Cruz whom is an avid hunter and Constitutionalist/2A supporter would be much better for our country! Trump is better than Hillary but not by much in my book. May god help the republican party this year for if we don’t put the right candidate against Hillary she will win.

  3. We get the leaders we deserve (ever heard of the Law of the Harvest-reap what you sow?). We have butchered 55 million babies since 1973, taken God out of schools, government, and even most churches, so why should He bless us with a godly leader? When we kick God out, guess who moves in?? We don’t deserve a godly man like Cruz-we deserve dictators and tyrants like Trump and Hitlery. No, Cruz isn’t perfect but he IS the best choice we have at this point. I pray that “America the Great” will awaken from her slumber before it’s too late.

  4. the latest Cruz/Kasik pact is politics I detest I feel John K. Is the best of the bunch for the country. But I am voting republican party plain and simple.

  5. I think the Republican party is going to screw up and deny Trump the nomination. Trump will then run as an Independent. Hillary will be indicted and brought to trial for the email scandal and will be required to vacate the nomination. The Democrats won’t give Bernie the nomination because he is even too much of an idiot for their party. So, i think someone not even on the ticket right now will become the Democrat’s nominee and ultimately win the Presidency because of the split in the Republican party. (I see Joe Biden hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce) But, to answer the question… I will support Trump if he is on the ticket in November.

    • Hitlery will not serve one hour in jail for her crimes. This will be swept under the proverbial rug like every other Liberal scandal. I believe that the findings will be leaked if they’re not published, but she will not be punished by “our” justice system.

  6. On the Republican side…

    Cruz is a sniveling, self serving, b**tard that his own colleagues can’t stand and Trump is in so far over his head that it’s frightening…

    On the Democrat side…

    Bernie is an old socialist hippie and Hillary is a criminal whose sole goal has been to be President for the last 25+ years. And make no mistakes, she will do EVERYTHING she can to disarm the American public.

    Sh*ttiest group of candidates I’ve seen in my life……

    • To answer the original question….

      If it weren’t for the importance of appointments to the Supreme Court, I wouldn’t vote for either party’s nominee….

      So, whether it’s Cruz, or Trump or (insert Republican party’s nominee pushed upon us @ the convention), I’ll hold my nose and vote for them over Hillary.

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