Indiana: Teens Arrested For Setting Deer On Fire

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Fulton County officials have arrested one person and are looking for another in connection with the death of a deer that was found burning alive on the side of the road last month.

Christopher Hodges, 18, of Mentone, was served with an arrest warrant Wednesday and faces one felony count of torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal…. An arrest warrant also has been issued for Mark Shepard, 20, also of Mentone, on the same charge. 

I thought I had heard it all, but…

Investigators say Hodges and Shepard were driving along in a 1994 Camaro when they struck the deer. They allegedly turned around, went back to the still-alive deer, poured gas on the animal and set it on fire.

I am just at a loss here. What is this world coming to? What is happening to the ethics and morals of America’s youth? How could two teenagers even think of doing such a horrid and inhumane thing?



4 thoughts on “Indiana: Teens Arrested For Setting Deer On Fire

  1. I’ve read for years that serial killers do things like this before they start killing people.

    I obviously have no idea if these two young men are headed down that road, but to exhibit cruelty like this is truly frightening.

  2. Unreal, I just thank GOD they are not my children!
    Horrid is right, all I can say


  3. I can tell you how two teens can even think of doing such a horrid thing….they did not get the crap kicked out of them enough in this participant trophy style of child rearing… $20 says mommy and daddy (if daddy is even in the picture) pays their fine an blames the entire issue on the deer for hitting the car.

  4. I see more of this type of thing all the time . How someone could do this is beyond comprehension . Have we no sense of compassion at all ? Absolutely unbelievable .

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