tn tucker buck

The Boone and Crockett Club recently confirmed that a buck shot in Tennessee in 2016 is the highest-scoring non-typical whitetail ever shot by a person.

Hunting with a muzzleloader on November 7, 2016, farmer Stephen Tucker shot the massive deer in Sumner County (full story click here). Its official entry score into the Boone and Crockett records is an astounding 312 0/8.

Justin Spring of Boone and Crockett said, “What makes this particular deer special is an entry score of 312 0/8 on only a 149 1/8-inch typical frame, which includes a modest inside spread of 14 1/8 inches. That’s 162 7/8 inches of abnormal points.”

The Tucker Buck had 22 scorable points on the left side and 25 on the right. Only three other entries ever in the B&C record book have had more than 47 scorable points.

Who would have thought that the biggest buck ever shot by a hunter would come from Tennessee, which has a total of 27 non-typicals in the record book (as compared to almost 600 in Illinois)? It goes to show what I have been blogging for years: You never know when and where a giant will pop up. The area where Tucker shot his buck is one of the top spots in the state, with prime habitat, soils and genetics. Sumner County also produced the previous Tennessee record non-typical, a deer scoring 244 3/8 taken in 2000.

While the Tucker Buck is the #1 non-typical whitetail ever shot by a hunter, it sits at #3 all-time. The World Record and #2 in the non-typical category were both “picked up” (or found dead) and score 333 7/8 and 328 2/8 respectively.

TN tucker scorecard