2 Monster Roadkill Bucks

Seems like I have seen an inordinate number of deer hit and killed on the roads this summer, what about you?

Every auto deer kill is a shame, but the 2 below really hurt.

KY raodkill

This 200″ plus non-typical was reportedly killed in the Fort Campbell area of Kentucky. I bet the hunter(s) who were scouting that giant are sick. I bet trail-cam pictures of this deer will surface soon.

IN 2017 roadkill

Word is this cool buck was found roadside in Indiana. In addition to the rack, beautiful dark face. This buck died weeks ago, his rack would have grown a bunch more now.

One thought on “2 Monster Roadkill Bucks

  1. Last year I killed a 193 5/8″ buck in Pa., he was pictured here on the blog he was 1 of 2 big bucks in the area I was hunting Though I have not seen him a bruiser with potential to be bigger yet was roadkilled about 2 miles from my kill site last weekend. I can not help but think it was buck #2.
    I am not “sick” but happy that DNA is in the area I hunt.

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