Top 8 Bowhunting States

ct buck brianA ton of interesting information in the QDMA’s 2018 Whitetail Report, including this: Can you guess the top 8 states where the highest percentage of the annual deer harvest is with bow and arrow?

#1 New Jersey: Estimated 2016 total deer harvest 49,246; 58% or 28,563 with bow.

#2 Connecticut: Estimated total deer harvest 10,412; 50% or 5,206 with bow.

#3 Ohio: Estimated total deer harvest 182,169; 45% or 81,976 with bow.

#4 Massachusetts: Total deer harvest 12,249; 42% or 12,249 with bow.

#5 (three states tie): Kansas: Total harvest 84,065; 37% or 31,104 with bow.

Illinois: Total harvest 144,304; 37% or 53,392 with bow.

Michigan: Total harvest 341,287; 37% or 126,276 with bow.

4 thoughts on “Top 8 Bowhunting States

  1. Reading data facts is a perfect solution to whatever the data gurus want to project…Mike you remember learning this in 10th grade civics class? While the % of success may be higher in say NJ than TX for example or Pa or Mich. what are the tag buyers numbers in each state. Sure one could say Conn. % numbers are great but the low archery hunters numbers skew the results.
    When I think data “facts” I instantly recall how Trump was going to lose in a landslide.

  2. Every day I wake up I thank my lucky stars HRC did not become POTUS!!!

    Good to see archery staying strong in the hunting community across this country. In WI, archery is also very strong and every year more and more bowhunters are in the woods. It’s almost to the point where everyone is burnt out by the time firearms starts and the firearms pressure drops big time after just two days. That was never the case 10 years ago. Another reason though I guess is the 4-5 weeks of firearms instead of 9 days that is used to be for many years. So many different firearms seasons now. Not a fan of them.

  3. When I was growing up in Pa. we had 4 opening days: Opening day of archery season,opening day of bear season, opening day of rifle buck season and opening day of doe season. 3 weeks archery, 1 week bear,2 week buck only and 2 days doe only that was hunting season. Today an archer can begin hunting Sept.15 all the way thru mid Nov for deer and bear in some areas then stat wide the last week archery bear too. Bear gun is 3 days most of the state but an additional 3 days in some areas . Buck only gun is 1 week followed by buck & doe for another week.
    Then post Christmas flintlock any deer opens for 3 weeks. There is also a JR/SR rifle doe hunt mid October not to mention several JR only days throughout the fall.
    Pa. had over a million tag buyers a year back in the day but that number is almost cut in half today mainly for lack of game…think on that or a bit. BD

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