Recipe: Grilled Venison Beer Brats

IMG_1050Perfect for a summer Friday or Saturday night:

–Shoot deer in fall. Gut deer. Transport some meat to processor and have brats made. (These jalapeno cheese brats came from a  buck I shot in Montana, though a deer you shoot and gut anywhere will do.)

–Simmer brats in 50/50 mixture of water and beer for 20 minutes. Do not boil brats, just a low, slow simmer, rolling brats occasionally.

–As brats simmer, sip remainder of leftover over beer. Heat gas grill and chill at least one more beer.

–After 20 minutes, remove brats from stove and drain water/beer mix. Reduce grill to medium-low. Add brats and grill, covered, for 6-8 minutes, until charred slightly.

–Remove from grill, serve with mustard on a paper plate, add a side veggie (optional) and enjoy (no bun, low-carb here).

–Crack second beer. The best brats you will ever eat pair perfectly with your favorite brew.

4 thoughts on “Recipe: Grilled Venison Beer Brats

  1. Nothing like venison brats or smoked sausage once you have them you’ll throw your empty beer cans at store bought imitations.

  2. Love venison brats, and beer. Have a few in the freezer as well that I will need to crack out his weekend. Thanks for the reminder !

  3. I knew you were low-carb by the brew you had in the photo Mike. But, yeah, man, those homemade brats are really good. I keep telling my wife that I’m going to make my own brats one of these years. I will definitely make venison/pork brats when I begin tinkering with it. I have an affinity for the Sheboygan-style brats. (See: Johnsonville basic brats…). I think that particular spice mix with Venison/Pork Butt would be phenomenal. Darn it Hanback, now I’m starving for a brat (or two, or three)…..and thirsty too all of a sudden. LOL!

  4. Absolutely nothing better than grilling deer brats and having a frosty one

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