Pennsylvania Bowhunter Goes 40 For 40!


Big shout out to Big Daddy, who has stuck with me on the BIG DEER blog since I launched it 10 years ago:

Mike: Got this guy October 16 from my place in Potter County. This is my 40th archery buck in 40 years from Pennsylvania, which is a 1 buck per year state. Good hunting, Terry Murphy, a.k.a. Big Daddy.

Way to go Big Daddy, one heck of an accomplishment sir!

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Bowhunter Goes 40 For 40!

  1. Thanks Mike, I thought when I got to 40 bucks I’d be thinking about hanging up the bow and sleeping in October mornings but that isn’t likely. As just this very morning I put a deposit on a bull elk hunt for 2019!
    Hope your seasons are going well also. Terry,a.k.a. Big Daddy

  2. Congrats Big Daddy. Thats pretty cool to go 40 straight! Hoping I can put one down this week as well .

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