Top 10 Deer Bowhunting States

ohio gary nov 8 2018The QDMA’s 2019 Whitetail Report points out that bowhunting for whitetails has never been more popular. In 2002 only 15 percent of the total whitetail harvest in America was taken with archery tackle; that percentage rose to 23 percent in 2017.

Check out these numbers from 2019 report:

The 5 states with the most bowhunters are: 1) Pennsylvania (339,600 bowhunters); 2) Michigan (311,000); 3) Wisconsin (246,211); 4) New York (231,000); 5 Missouri (222,717).

The 6 states with the most bowhunters per square mile are: Pennsylvania (7.6 bowhunters PSM; 2) New Jersey (5.9); 3 Michigan (5.5); 4) New York (4.9): 5) Ohio (4.5); 6) Wisconsin (4.5).

The top 5 states with the highest percentage of annual deer harvest with archery tackle: 1) New Jersey (58% of total deer harvest in 2017); 2) Massachusetts (43%); 3) Ohio (43%); 4) Illinois (39%); 5) Kansas (37%).

I add that all the archery statistics above include both vertical bow (mostly compound) and crossbow. Love it or hate it, no doubt the modern crossbow has increased hunter numbers and the popularity of bowhunting, especially in the Northeast and Midwest.





2 thoughts on “Top 10 Deer Bowhunting States

  1. No doubt the crossbow has increased the archery numbers. Older hunters go to crossbows due age, strength,& shoulder injuries. Youths use em due to immature musculature. Great to have us all in the field!

  2. My take on crossbows, which I use myself, is the majority of hunters use them because it is easier to be proficent.
    The satistics you posted of Pa. goes to prove what I have been saying all along. Pa leads in bowhunter numbers and bowhunters per Sq. mile but falls well behind the other states that are listed in archery kills….. the herd numbers are too low!
    Mack good to see you here again. Rev. T.

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