Dick’s Sporting Goods To Remove Firearms And Hunting Gear From 125 Stores

dicksDick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE: DKS) has announced it will remove firearms and other hunting gear from about 125 stores. The change, expected to begin August 1, will affect about 17 percent of the company’s stores.

The announcement, coupled with continuing declines in sales since 2017 (adjusted same-store sales were down 3.1% last year) lead to a 11 percent decline in stock price yesterday. Dick’s closed at $34.45 on the NYSE, down $4.28/share.

Dick’s CEO and major shareholder Ed Stack told the media that if the 125-store move “goes well” the company may remove hunting gear from more stores next year.

According to the Outdoor Wire, Stack was one of four CEOs to sign a letter supporting a gun control bill recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has also joined the business council of Everytown, the nonprofit organization founded by Michael Bloomberg that advocates for gun control.

It’s more obvious than ever that if you are a law-abiding gun owner and hunter, Dick’s does not want your business. I for one have vowed to never step foot or spend another penny in a Dick’s store again.


5 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods To Remove Firearms And Hunting Gear From 125 Stores

  1. Thanks for the info.

    They just lost my business too. In other matters it is just scary what some of the far left (both 2020 candidates and the newbies to congress) are trying to push for.

  2. They lost my business a few years ago when they removed ARs from the stores. Knew this would be coming

  3. Never bought anything there anyhow. Guns and ammo WAY overpriced and their Chinese clothing is cheaper elsewhere

  4. As far as guns and ammo, I don’t purchase those items from them. However, with my daughter being an AAU nationally ranked volleyball player, we don’t have too many other options in our area for purchasing her necessary equipment. And you’d be shocked to learn the amount of equipment that is necessary.

  5. I’ll buy the $40 game cameras and $70 ladder stands with free shipping until they close it out (can’t be making much there knowing the margins in retail). From there on out, I’m done. Used to get my nephews gifts cards there every year for Christmas – hasn’t happened since they went against the outdooor community. This is like an ice cream shop lobbying against sprinkles.

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