Kansas Pick Up: 17-Point Rack w/10” Spread!


Hey Mike,

Some guys were bird hunting in southeastern Kansas in 2011, came upon a mud pit and saw just a little piece of the left beam sticking up in the mud. After a closer look they realized it was a whole deer buried in the pit!

They dug out the skull and it was in awesome shape; I guess the mud had protected the rack from the weather and animals. We rough-scored it at 164 gross with only a 10 ” inside spread… it has 6 points on the right beam, 9 on the left and also the spike in the middle with a fork on it! A friend and I are going to mount it soon.

—Teddy Hensley

PS: Love your show, and thanks for keeping our great sport rolling!

4 thoughts on “Kansas Pick Up: 17-Point Rack w/10” Spread!

  1. I would rather shoot something like that then a typical 8-10 pointer. In my book, the weirder the better.

  2. WHOA Gnarly Rack! I agree with Cary the weirder the better haha I wonder if this buck died from EHD and died in the mud pit or actually got stuck in the mud and couldn’t get out?

  3. That is way too cool! That’s a dream to find for any shed hunter or hunter…wow! One of the most unique racks I’ve ever seen.

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