Most gun owners/deer hunters know that our 2A rights are under attack as never before, but in recent weeks I have sensed some complacency amongst us. We cannot do that! The gun-grabbing politicians thrive on our non-action as they try and ram through their radical agenda. We must stay vigilant!

These 2 things I saw today ought to get your attention.

Washington Times: 

A group of congressional Democrats has signed on to new legislation that would mandate liability insurance for all gun owners in the United States — and fine those who refuse to purchase it as much as $10,000.


CBS New York:


In addition to creating a new registry for high-capacity magazines and an expansion of the Connecticut assault weapons ban, Connecticut lawmakers also agreed to create a so-called eligibility certificate, where legitimate gun owners would submit to fingerprinting, a firearms training course, and a nationwide background check before you could purchase a gun or ammunition.

Could you ever have imagined that in America, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens would have to buy insurance to own a 9mm to protect your home, or a .270 to use for deer hunting? Could you have thought it possible that you might need an “eligibility card” to buy a box of rounds for your handgun, or 130-grain loads or slugs for your deer gun?

Well, it’s happening people! Write your state legislators, join the NRA if you’re not a member, get involved. Tell your friends and family members to do the same. We have to fight the good fight!