I saw this amazing buck on the Virginia Whitetails Facebook page. It was shot near Grizzard (love that name) in Sussex Co., down in the Tidewater of southeastern VA, a few hours from where I live.

I have posted a few palmated bucks over the years, but this giant takes the cake, just awesome–plus, the fact that it’s a homegrown Old Dominion buck makes it all the sweeter.

Almost unbelievably, a week later on that same Facebook page this picture popped up: Slade Jones had found a couple of sheds, including one that surely came off the palmated giant a couple of years ago. Either that or there are multiple palmated bucks running around the swamps of Sussex Co.!

I hope the hunter who shot the palmated buck will see this and get in touch with me, I’d love to get the whole story. The buck is shown hanging over a dog box, so they might have gotten him on a dog hunt.

Man, I gotta get down to Sussex and hunt. The other shed Slade is holding is no slouch.