For many reasons I am glad I don’t live in Cali: Nancy Pelosi, earthquakes, exorbitant taxes… And, it’s the most hunter-unfriendly state. If the greenie-weenies and state politicians get their way, there will be no hunting of any kind left in CA, I mean none.

Sadly, there are not enough resident hunters to fend off the anti-hunters and anti-gunners. Only 281,000 hunters purchased licenses in CA last year (182,000 deer licenses), a pittance for a huge state with 38 million people. For comparison, Pennsylvania, a state with a population of 12 million, sold about 1 million licenses.

Of the 12 gun laws advanced by state lawmakers last week, I predict 2 in particular will make honest, law-abiding hunters, who are already frustrated with state officials, throw up their hands and say, “That’s enough, who needs this @$&&$#@? I’m done.”

Senate Bill 374 would outlaw the sale, purchase and manufacture of semiautomatic rifles that can use detachable magazines. The measure would require those who own such weapons to register them with the state.

And get this. To buy ammo, Californians would have to submit personal information and a $50 fee for a background check. The state Department of Justice would determine whether buyers have a criminal record, severe mental illness or a restraining order that would disqualify them from owning guns.

The state DOJ would determine if you are fit to buy a box of deer rounds. Can you say tyranny?


I have hunted exactly once in California, up north for blacktails. It was beautiful country as you can see in the picture, and I absolutely loved it. We shot 2 nice bucks on TV.

Would I go back? I’d love to, but I wonder. I don’t get the feeling that the state would welcome me or the TV cameras to promote hunting in the state. Suppose I needed a box of .270 loads? Could I buy them…would I want the scrutiny of the DOJ? I can answer that with a resounding, “NO!”

What about traveling around with camo on and with firearms in the truck?  Imagine if I tried to check in at the Sacramento airport with my rifles and ammo. With the way things are going in Cali, I would expect to draw police scrutiny and likely an uncomfortable back-room interrogation. This is America. Who needs that?

Northern California has some great deer and hog hunting, and from what I understand some spectacular waterfowl hunting. But I fear those days are numbered.