My buddy Lucas Strommen reports on his elk hunt in northeastern Montana last fall:

My hunt last week was harsh. Five days, went on a death march every day. Packed in spike camp and cached water in some rugged country. Was the closest I’ve been to succumbing to exposure, I believe. We started a fire under a canopy of outcropped sandstone, and stripped down to dry out and warm our bodies. 

 Lots of elk. Was on my knees, 50 yards in sleeting snow from a 6×6 bull, but out of my range for my bow. I was using a 1956 Bear double-shelved Kodiak with vintage quiver and arrows bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Clothing in NY in 1959 (I have the receipt). I passed on some small bulls at less than 20 yards because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them out of there, due to the rain and snow in gumbo mud country. It was hard enough for me to lug out of the rough canyons I hunted.

 No elk, but was a great experience with a life-long friend. My cousin Dave and I have been hunting together since forever. He built the bow he was using.


Keep at it buddy, you’re my hero.—Luke

No, man you’re the hero. I admire you for sticking to your roots, hunting hard, and old-school with your fine collection of recurves and longbows. Glad to see you young guys keeping that tradition alive. Can’t wait till the whitetails on the Milk River (devastated by EHD a few years ago) come back to huntable numbers. I miss our annual bowhunt more than you know.