Tonight on the show (8 and 11 PM Eastern on Sportsman Channel) I lay out my Top 10 whitetail tactics, one or a few of which I hope will help you shoot a giant this fall. Here’s an example from the script:

terrain not sign

# 3 Hunt Terrain, Not Sign (with graphic):

“Many hunters find hot rubs and scrapes and rush out to hang a tree stand right beside it. Sometimes that works out, but there’s a better way to do it. Hot sign is obviously important because it tells you bucks are in the area and active. Then scout out from those rubs/scrapes/trails for 50 yards, 100, even 200 yards. Find those draws, creek crossings, points of ridges…that bucks have traveled for years, and will travel again this fall as they move to and from the sign. Play the wind, set a stand near one of those funnel spots and shoot a big deer…”

The tactics are backed up and illustrated with to-the-point video clips, on-screen tips and 2 awesome graphics by Nick. Watch or set your DVR and tell me what you think.