In October 2008 I first blogged about a giant whitetail (12×14 with 240” of rack) that was living in the city limits of East Sioux Falls. Somebody posted a you tube video of him (I don’t see it online now) and it caused mild hysteria amongst hunters and non-hunters alike. At the time people figured the buck was the walking state record.

For the last 5-plus years I’ve tracked this amazing deer with the help of Kelly, a hard-core hunter and shedder in the area. Kelly wrote me awhile back with this update:

you tube buck kelly

Mike, I’m running out of room! You should remember the buck mounted on the wall, that’s “you-tube” from east of Sioux Falls. Last year, just before scheduled shedding time, he was even further into town, living near an old closed golf course. I was not able to shed hunt in the area and did not hear of anyone finding his sheds. Here is a picture of him. As you can see it is clearly “you-tube,” but truly on his way down. I think I saw him once this late spring back in the old stomping grounds. He is the elder!

you tube buck

Just how old is this buck? Kelly knows of one of his sheds from 2005, at which time he figured the animal was 3.5. That would make him 11.5 this year! This is one cool buck, I hope he lives forever. Thanks Kelly, and keep us posted.