Field report from blogger Wren. With all the rain, the brush country is holding some giants this year. All these bucks are amazing…I’m posting the best one last, my dream buck!

Mike, we did our helicopter flyover of The Martinena this past Saturday.  We saw 10-12 bona fide South Texas free-ranging, natural-browse trophies. Looks like it is going to be a very good year for racks in the parts of South Texas that have been  blessed with consistent rains since late winter thru the spring and summer months.

Here are six bucks we managed to get photos of.  It was a warm morning, we began flying at 8:00 am and finished up flying the grid on 6,000 acres just after 11:30 am.  We did not want to push the deer too hard due to the heat and them still being in velvet, so we missed out on getting photos of the two best bucks we saw.

It appears the herd on The Martinena has done well since the end of last season.  We are in Webb County.  Fawn recruitment looks to be 80% plus…the bucks all appear to be sporting their best potential for racks… the doe:buck ratio calculated out to 1.37:1 based on actual deer counted…we are at about 25 acres per adult deer which is optimum for the property.–Wren

tx wren 6

tx wren 5  tx wren 3

tx wren 2

tx wren 1

tx wren 4