Longtime blogger Matt “Flatlander” Cheever writes in about his recent elk hunt:

Hey Mike, just got back from Colorado on a DIY public-land elk hunt and what an awesome experience it was. I enjoy nothing more than a good whitetail hunt, but I have to say elk hunting is pretty amazing. We hunted in groups of two and three, chasing bugles and traversing the mountains. The altitude definitely is a gut check to how hard you are willing to push it to succeed, but the feeling of success afterward is like nothing else.

I was blessed to take a nice mature 5×5 and had a few buddies to help pack it out. Most avid elk hunters said, “You’ll never be content with a whitetail hunt again.” I disagree. Elk are fun, and the incredible amount of meat and antlers is amazing, but I’m still a BIG DEER junky at heart. It’s pretty hard to top the feeling of a big old whitetail coming through the fog to a doe decoy, and then the battle of controlling the breathing and nerves and making the shot.

Regardless of the species of deer, I am super excited for another season to be upon us. I look forward to sharing in it all through this blog, and hearing everyone’s stories and experiences. Good luck to you all…and may Mike get a giant drop tine buck this fall!

God Bless, Flatlander

Great post Matt, and killer public-land bull, way to go man.