I hope you can catch this new episode tonight at 8 and 11 PM ET on Sportsman Channel (or set your DVR).

It is actually very rare to hunt somewhere for 4 days and hit the rut right, I mean just right. But that we did in South Dakota last November, and the hunting was nothing short of spectacular. Rutting deer all over the place, as you will see.

hanback SD buck 2012.jpg compresed

I shot this great old thick-bodied buck and was thrilled about that, but wait until you see the one that got away one evening as I hunted out of a ground blind. Danny Dodge had a big camera with a big lens along, and he was able to reach out to 500 yards and focus in tight on the giant. Man, what a buck, but nobody in his right mind would shoot that far. At least I would never try it.

Also be looking for the clip where a rutting buck runs smack through a covey of grouse, and they explode into the air as the buck gallops though. Danny says it’s one of the best shots he’s ever gotten on a deer hunt. It really is a sight to see and fantastic camera work.

As always thanks for your support, and I hope this episode gets everybody all fired up to hunt the rut. Heck, it’s just around the corner.