This from our friend Tim O. in the Upper Peninsula, who writes, “I have 9 different wolves on trail-cam in the same area and I’ve seen 10 others…they’re all different colors and are easily identifiable.” Here’s what happened to Tim the other day:

I decided to take a 4-wheeler ride to swap out memory cards on a trail camera at one of my bow stands the other night. Instead of driving right into my spot I chose to walk in the last 150 yards. I swapped the cards and started walking out, but I took a wrong turn in the dark and didn’t realize it right away.  I walked up on a fresh wolf deer kill!

Immediately I heard growling and snarling and I knew I was in big trouble. Three wolves started backing me down steady with their chops open and baring all their teeth. I picked up branches for some kind of defense and was swinging them around and hollering at the wolves to get away. As I write this, there goes the hair standing up on the back of my neck again!

Right away I called my brother, Tommy, so I could have someone there with me. He was the only one that knew exactly where I was in the forest in case I didn’t make it out of there. He stayed on the phone with me for the entire walk back to my 4-wheeler, with the wolves in close pursuit all the way to my bike.

The whole ordeal took about 10 minutes and I’m not ashamed to admit I was scared. I concentrated very hard on making sure of my footing. I felt like if I fell down, there may have been a different outcome. I could’ve easily had my a** handed to me. I’m certain that my flashlight was a deterrent as well. I was quite shaken when I got back to camp, and had a hard time functioning for a while. I didn’t get much sleep that night…