My friend Grant Kuypers of Buck Paradise guides American hunters to some amazing bucks each year…and this season he even got to hunt a day himself.

grant son buck cam sask

Grant and his son Ian had been getting trail cam pictures of this unique deer living tight behind their house. Grant’s land is in the farmland area of Saskatchewan, miles south of the Northern Provincial Forest where I and other Americans must hunt. Only the locals can hunt the farmland. Grant showed me this cam picture when I was up there 10 days ago and said, “I really want Ian to get this buck.”

Well, Ian was out of town one day two weeks ago when this giant showed back up. Grant called Ian and the son said, “Dad shoot that buck if you can!”

Grant did, and what a deer. The third beam is cool, but the brows are cooler…and the rack even has the start of 2 tiny drops! Man I love those gnarly Saskatchewan bucks. Congrats Grant!

grant buck 2013