venison recipe

Figured a little Venison cooking lesson was in order for this time of year. Hopefully this post will assist you after a successful hunt!

Hey Mike, been awhile since there’s been a deer cooking blog, thought I’d throw one out there. Thanks man and keep up the good work, time to get serious in the woods!–Matt Cheever, aka ` Flatlander

Venison Cordon Bleu

A surefire winner is roasted venison cordon bleu. It sounds hard but is easier than making a sub sandwich.

Take a length of loin/back-strap or a small roast and fillet it open like a fish, rolling it out as you go. You’ll end up with a ½” thick slice of meat.

Season with a little Soy or Worcestershire sauce, salt and black pepper.

Next cover with thin-sliced smoked deli ham…add a handful of mozzarella in the middle…roll it up like a fine cigar…re-season the outside of the meat. (This stores great in a cooler or fridge at deer camp).

Sear meat in a skillet on both sides…add a little wine, beer or soda and then slide in an oven or cover over a fire to finish off until medium rare.

Slice up for sandwiches, serve over pasta or pass it around as an appetizer in BIG DEER camp.

Good luck to all and shoot straight.–Flatlander