ok greg 2013

Mike: I thought you’d like to see the buck I shot with a muzzle loader in Oklahoma this year. He’s a cool looking buck with 18 points (15 score-able) and scores in the low 140’s.

The hunt was pretty awesome. He came in from the opposite direction that a doe came from, but turned around to follow her trail through a thicket before I could get a real good look at him or get a shot. I snort wheezed at him twice, and he came back out about 2 minutes later looking for the “buck” that had made the noise. One shot from the muzzleloader and he went about 20 yards.

ok greg 2013 2

The only downside for me is that I believe he’s a 3 year old. When he came across the old logging cut road I had about 2 seconds to judge whether he was mature, and with him quartering towards me I didn’t have a great angle of the size of his body. He’s wide and he has pretty good mass up along his left beam, which is what I could see when I shot. There’s a chance he’s 4, but his body was fairly small for our area (170 lbs). Regardless, he’s a very unique buck and I’m happy with him.

—Thanks, Greg Brownlee