I thought this video was bad ass from the start, but from a deer hunting perspective it’s most impressive from :50 to 1:57 seconds. The guy lugging the bike up the rocky hillside—amazing how lightweight and portable. And with those tube tires, the darn thing floats. We’ve all crossed streams and plodded across muddy fields like that.

I could see cross-slinging a rifle or bow across your back with a small pack and riding the bike deep into inaccessible deer country. (Can’t tell how loud the motor is though…pretty loud I would think.) Watch till the end and you’ll see the guy break the bike down, store it in 2 sacks and stuff it in the back of his tiny foreign car.

Can’t tell if this bike is in production, or just a homemade job. Looks like the latter, rough around the edges and with the spray-paint camo job, but pretty damn cool.