Mike: Each deer season in Nebraska is our big event for our family. I’m 36 now and as I get older it becomes less about the buck and more about getting together with family and telling stories and reminiscing about hunts from long ago.

I appreciate your TV shows and insights and couldn’t agree more with
you that the hunt itself wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting or fulfilling if we didn’t have someone to share it with.

My oldest daughter, Kayla, is 8 and we will be getting her a bow for her 9th birthday to get her ready to start hunting the following year. I’m excited that she is willing and wanting to join me in the woods.

My son, Luke, is 6. For the last 4 year he has been spending the week of deer season with me on the farm. Here’s one for you. Two years ago I took my largest buck ever on a morning that I wasn’t feeling well and had planned to sleep in. Luke woke me up before daylight, wanting to go out hunting. If it wasn’t for him dragging me out of bed I never would have gotten that buck. It was priceless that I got to share that moment with my son, and it’s still something he talks about.

Thanks again for what you do for the hunting world.—Tony Woodruff, CPT, MP

Do you take the time and make the effort to hunt with family and/or good friends? Or you are too consumed with killing a big buck each fall that most of the time you go it alone? I used to be like that when I was younger, consumed with secrecy and obsessed with killing my buck every year. But as the years have flown, I’ve changed for the better.

Tony’s great post should make you think. As I have blogged and said on TV many times, a deer hunt is more fun and meaningful if you share it with people you love and respect. The older you get, the more you understand that. Life flies by and is too short. Don’t miss out.