food plots for deer 012

From long-time BIG DEER blogger and food-plot specialist Matt “Flatlander” Cheever:

Hey Mike: It’s that time of year to start getting our hands dirty in the deer woods with habitat projects. Food plot planting is kicking off in the South and close by to the North.

Passing along a tip to the BIG DEER readers: It’s a common mistake to till, disk or dig too deep. The bigger the equipment you use the easier it is to over-till, which brings up dormant weed seeds. On the other hand, if you don’t till enough you won’t get good seed-to-soil contact.

A good rule of thumb is to plant twice as deep as the seed is in size.  For clovers, brassicas and the like that means applying the seeds to the top of tilled soil and then lightly compressing.  Beans, corn and such need to be turned under or drilled in.

If you have a lot of compost or debris in your soil, raise the seed rate to take in to account some seed that won’t germinate.  Hopefully all this will help to save a little time and money and boost success in the quest for BIG DEER. God bless, Flatlander