randy's Ohio piebald drop tine 2007

It seems I have seen an inordinate number of piebald fawns born this summer. It got me to thinking about all the white bucks I’ve written about over the years…none more impressive than the drop-tine that Ohio farmer Randy Schroeder shot in Ohio in 2007. I first reported on this deer in Outdoor Life back then, but the story and sight of it never get old. Just look at that beautiful hide and chocolate rack, awesome man:

Mike: On November 24, my hunting buddy Todd and I headed down to my cabin in Meigs County in Southeastern Ohio. Deer gun season is always a special time for me. The crops are off, the machinery is put away and it is time to play.

Sunday evening, I settled in on the couch to watch the news, and the weather forecast in particular. Opening day was not going to be pleasant, with a forecast of 100% rain. I reached over and grabbed a favorite book and re-read a chapter entitled “Racks in the Rain.” I called it a night and rested up for the big day.

Early Monday morning, fog lay in the ravines and bottoms. Downpours settled into a cold, hard, steady rain. At 9:00 a.m. I had the urge to crawl out of my tree stand and trek back to the cabin. Hot coffee and doughnuts were calling.

I was ready to lower my gun to the ground when I thought about “Racks in the Rain” again. The story had said: Deer acclimate themselves to all types of weather or they would not survive.  Bucks will move in the rain… I was tempted to quit, but I thought that if I stayed a little longer it might pay off.

At 9:20 a.m. a white flash against the brown leaves caught my eye. A piebald buck, running with a doe!  He paused at roughly 55 yards in a ravine below. I squeezed the trigger and the buck crumpled on the spot.

I eased down into the ravine. The closer I got, the more I could not believe what I had: a piebald buck with 14 points and a 5-inch drop tine to boot. Wow! Todd came over and we celebrated and admired the tremendous animal for a long time in the rain.

I had heard a piebald deer had been seen in the area, but a 14-pointer, and with a drop tine… Was this a dream or what?

Thinking back, had I not re-read “Racks in the Rain” the night before, I probably would have left my stand for those 9:30 coffee and doughnuts—and I would never have seen or shot my drop-tine piebald buck. I am getting a full-body mount so others can enjoy and admire him as well. — Randy Schroeder

Back in 2007, Randy asked me if I’d ever seen or heard of a bigger piebald buck with a drop-tine. No, I hadn’t then and I still haven’t. Which begs the question: Is Randy’s buck the largest piebald drop ever shot in North America? I think there is a good chance it is.