fawn in road

Louis from Wisconsin posted this on Facebook:  Yesterday this little guy (picture) was lying in the road as mom (doe) watched in the ditch. I got out of the car and gave him a nudge on the butt and he got up and went into the ditch by his mom. Mom just stayed there looking at me as I helped the little fawn out. As we drove off they wondered back in the woods and trotted off together.

Here in Virginia Saturday, my friend Ray was driving out his long gravel driveway through the woods. A doe jumped across the road and a tiny fawn “literally fell out of her onto the shoulder of the driveway,” Ray said. The thing was tiny, about 5 pounds, and it lay there stunned. Ray got out of his truck and checked on the baby; it was moving around and trying to get up. The woods were thick and Ray could not see the mama doe, but sensed her nearby, looking and waiting. He left the fawn alone and drove to town. When he returned home an hour later the fawn was long gone.

Lesson: It’s the biggest week of fawning right now—be careful and on the lookout for tiny fawns when you see does crossing a road!