light nocks

For some reason that I always found odd, the Pope and Young Club never allowed animals killed with an arrow with a lighted nock to be entered into their archery record book. The thinking was that a lighted nock somehow gave the hunter an “unfair electronic advantage” over the deer. How, by maybe helping a hunter to make a better and more lethal shot in low legal shooting light?

To my mind, a lighted nock can help a hunter to know more precisely where he or she hit a deer, and in many cases that helps in the recovery of that animal. All good.

Well, P&Y has finally come into the 21st century of archery hunting. Beginning August 1, 2014, the club is okay with lighted nocks. This is the best part: The statue change is retroactive, meaning that game previously killed with lighted-nock arrows, as well as animals shot from this point forward, will now be eligible for the records provided they meet all other conditions/criteria.

So if a lighted nock precluded you from entering a P&Y buck in the book before, submit a new application to the club if you want to.

BTW, I saw that this change in bylaws passed the voting membership by a vote of 75% Yes to 25% No. How about that 25%… There is still a narrow-minded minority of old hunters in the bowhunting world who is basically against all technology and change; if these people had their way, all we would ever use to kill a deer would be a recurve or a longbow and wooden arrows…maybe a spear.

I grew up hunting deer with a recurve. Some of my best hunting buddies are traditional hunters, and I have great respect for that. But it is way past time we stopped bickering about little stuff like lighted nocks (and bigger stuff like crossbows). The technology is here to stay and grow, and that’s for the betterment of bowhunting because it gets (and keeps) more people in the woods, and helps us all to hunt and shoot better, and ultimately recover more animals.

This nock change is a step in the right direction.